If you find yourself overwhelmed with day-to-day demands or in need of help with specific tasks, Fiscal Fitness 4U can help. 


Fiscal Fitness 4U is a unique in-home resource that helps seniors, those with physical or mental disabilities and people coping with serious medical conditions who need help making sense of—and managing—their financial, health and personal matters. As a Daily Money Manager, we provide personalized services including bill paying, filing and reviewing medical insurance claims/benefits, auditing/reconciling bank and credit card statements, opening and sorting mail and assisting with many other day-to-day challenges.

The process starts with a free 30-minute consultation. We first get to know each other, and then discuss your current situation. Together we identify the specific functions you want us to take on, determine the appropriate logistics/timing and outline a scope of work consistent with your needs.  And no matter the level of assistance, we treat every single client with respect and take great pride in developing the kind of relationship that you—and your loved ones—can trust.​


In no way does Fiscal Fitness 4U take the place of professionals in the accounting, money management, investment, medical or social service fields. Our work compliments that of those professionals and focuses on facilitating the completion of day-to-day tasks.


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